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Advertisement Letter & Packages

Dear Potential Sponsor,


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Blayne Gilmer and I am the creator of The Sports Vent.  The Sports Vent will be, and is, at its core a weekly to bi-weekly podcast on Georgia High School sports. However, The Sports Vent will also serve as a platform of honest communication about the state of athletic programs in local and regional high schools via fan interaction social media, video and audio interviews with guests that are influential in the high school sports environment, and through in-depth articles and analysis. A wide range of sports will be covered with the 3 biggest being Football, Basketball, and Baseball. The Sports Vent will not just give surface level previews of matchups and will not cover just the highlights. The Sports Vent will go deeper!


The entire idea behind The Sports Vent is to give listeners an authentic look behind the curtain of high school athletic programs. I was a high school coach for 9 seasons and a teacher for 5 years. I have taught at and coached in many schools and programs and have quite a few connections as a result. Coaches and players, past and present, will be interviewed and utilized to give the most accurate and honest looks possible at everything from fundraising and working with parents to in game management and honing of skills and techniques. In high school athletics today, most of the media coverage is surface level at best and does not go into the why and how of analyzing match ups, schemes, and contributing factors to wins and losses. Only the players who score the touchdowns, hit the homeruns, or score the winning baskets are covered, with little or no credit given to the unsung heroes or 100% effort athletes. The little things that determine the repeated behavior of players and programs often go overlooked. One of those overlooked, but critically important, behaviors is the creation of the culture of a program. Today, parents and the media seem to drive all the conversation about coaches and programs. School and school system administrations are very sensitive to any type of publicity one way or another about a program and often coaches do not get to voice their true concerns and implement their optimal philosophies due to outside restraints and pressure. The Sports Vent will give coaches an opportunity via interviews and opinion pieces to put the desired culture of their program  and desired behaviors of the participants in their programs on display for their players, parents, and community as a whole.


Listeners, readers, and YouTube subscribers will be given detailed analysis on the schemes and finer points inside of the various games. Also, they will have an opportunity weekly to participate in contests and compete for merchandise, gift cards, and other prizes. The buzz has begun already, and The Sports Vent is pushing its way toward 200 followers in the first 2 weeks of operation with posts and articles having reached nearly 4000 views and reads. I am excited to provide this platform to the high school sports community. However, the desired coverage of these great games, coaches, players, and programs will not happen, and has not happened, without some expenses being occurred. Equipment, editing software, special Skype subscriptions, website and domain hosting fees, logo creation, The Sports Vent merchandise, travel, social media paid promotions, and of course time and effort are and will be expenses that are incurred, and some on a weekly and, or monthly basis. Due to this, I am asking you to consider sponsoring a multi-faceted platform that will bring an honest, fair, entertaining, and educational media presence to local and regional high school sports in Georgia. As you consider, please see the next page for a list of packages with advertising benefits and opportunities to you and your business. Also, if you would also like to provide a one-time flat donation to this project, that would be much appreciated!


God Bless,


Blayne Gilmer


Creator and Host of The Sports Vent